Deck & Fence Cleaning


Deck and fence cleaning may be applicable to decks, fences and other fixtures made from wood like pergolas, arbors, and gazebos. This approach typically requires a combination of pressure washing, staining and sealing of surfaces.

Deck and wood fence cleaning is not merely brushing off and hosing down dirt and debris. Initially, it may seem like this method works well because dirt and stain removal seem to be effective. However, this only works superficially. Wood is absorbent so it lets moisture and dirt penetrate through its pores. Aside from dirt wedged into the wood, growths of mold, mildew and bacteria may not be completely eliminated. These growths pose as a health and fall hazard to you and your loved ones and increase the tendency of the wood to rot. Proper cleaning incorporates wood restoration and maintenance that are needed to uphold the integrity the lumber inside and out. Fences can potentially last decades with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Regular cleaning spares you from noticing the board's awful condition when it is too late, and replacements would now need to be made.

We all love being out on the deck when the weather begins warming up, everyone deserves a beautiful deck, one that will serve as a setting to entertain friends and family. With the expertise of our team, you get the most out of your surfaces for the long run. The safest method of deck cleaning in Newmarket area is to hire professionals who can guarantee a new-looking deck while keeping the longevity of the wood in mind. A beautifully maintained deck and fence doesn't just add value to your home - it makes your space an exemplar of curb appeal, too!

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If you are looking for a fence and/or deck power washing cleaning service please call or email us.

$70.oo hour per person