Deck & Fence Repairs


Over a long period of time, decks and fences start to show signs of wear and tear and you need to make deck and fence repairs. With time, wooden boards begin to crack, splinter, warp, and get loose which becomes a safety hazard. Larger damages from accidents or weather-related also happen and require more comprehensive repairs. Decks and fences are important for areas that need to be surrounded by a barrier.


Decks are what make your outdoor space as a place to relax. They add an extra dimension for you and your family to enjoy, but unlike other living spaces unfortunately they get worn out much sooner because of their exposure to the elements all year long. Decks are constantly subjected to weather, walking, and furniture being moved and stored on them. Like any exterior wood, they can take abuse and start to show their age in spots. Decks might experience some issues like termite infestations or general wear and tear that can be influenced by the extent of damage.

It is important to understand that deck repairs can be expensive, deck materials range from wood and composite decking boards to vinyl siding for example, how much labor time needs doing and how big is your problem area?

Our primary concern with deck board replacement is safety. A rotten or significantly compromised board could fail unexpectedly causing a tripping hazard. This is especially true on deck stairs. It is common for the leading board at the bottom of the stairs to be worn, which can be a major hazard. Aesthetics aside, replacing the rotting/rotten boards makes it safer and more enjoyable to use.

Let us help with restoring your deck before somebody gets hurt real bad.


The wooden fence will last longer when you fix it. In many scenarios the cost to repair and sustain is significantly less than installing a new one. Wood fences often need repairs if they have been rotted due to environmental exposure or ground shifts leading to leaning posts. As your fence ages, it becomes weaker and prone to breaking. Whatever the reason for the broken boards and links might be, we will repair or replace them quickly and efficiently. If there is extensive damage, replacing the entire fence might be a more reasonable solution. The price of repairing your wood fence can vary depending on severity.

$70.oo hour per person

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