Lawn and Garden Edging


In addition to lawn mowing, garden edging is another service that is vital to the health and appearance of a lawn. Garden edging is the process of creating a clean line in order to section off areas. For example, such lines can be created between lawns, gardens, patios, trees, or shrubs. This is done to establish an aesthetically pleasing visual component to a landscape. However, there are other benefits that garden edging can provide as well. Garden edging can establish a barrier between a lawn and a garden in order to prevent grass and weeds from overtaking a garden. Furthermore, it can help to keep materials such as mulch, sediment, and gravel in their place. Thus, garden edging helps to maintain order in your landscape and can save you time from weeding.

There are many different types and methods to lawn and garden edging, each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Some popular options include:

  • ANGLED TRENCH: This is the simplest, most cost effective method to create a distinct line between different landscapes. This is done with either an edging tool or shovel. We simply dig out a nice clean line surrounding the grass or garden. It is easy to maintain with a weed wacker, and will sometimes need to be fixed up every couple years.

  • BRICK OR STONE: Brick or stone edging can add a classic and timeless look to the landscape. These materials are durable and long-lasting, and they can be used to create a variety of different designs and patterns. However, they can be quite heavy and difficult to install, and they can be costly as well.

  • PLASTIC: Plastic edging is a budget-friendly option that is easy to install. It's available in a variety of different colors, and it can be cut to fit any shape or size. However, plastic edging is not as durable as other materials and it may not last as long.

  • WOOD: Wood edging is a natural and rustic option that can add warmth and character to the landscape. It's available in a variety of different types of wood, such as cedar and redwood, and it's easy to install. However, wood edging can be prone to rot and decay if not properly maintained.

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lawn and garden edging

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